Top Rated Cocktails

Brandy Fix5
Barbary Coast5
Beals Cocktail5
Gin and Tonic5
Cuba Libre5
 Cream Fizz5
Alexander Cocktail No. 25


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Bahama Mama

maxsims  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 4.67

Blue Hawaiian

maxsims  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 4.11

Amaretto Sour


maxsims  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 4

Blue Hawaiian

Gringoninja  My Rating: 4,  Avg Rating: 4.11


beijing 2015
beijing 2015
  My Rating: 0,  Avg Rating: 3

Whiskey Sour

Linda Trulove  My Rating: 3,  Avg Rating: 3.4

Liquor Whipped Cherry

Linda Trulove  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 5

Purple Passion Tea

Linda Trulove  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 5

Largo Bay Long Island Iced Tea

Linda Trulove  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 5

World Famous Cocktails Pina Colada

Linda Trulove  My Rating: 5,  Avg Rating: 5

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